Bloomsbury Market Garden

We are all hyper-aware of the problems we face as a society in regards to feeding the ever growing population, and that we need to be couragous in our planning to meet future demand. Urban farming has developed in leaps and bounds and we have been talking with London based Growing Underground, The Bloomsbury estate and Camden Council about how we can better intergrate these facilities into our urban landscape. Covent Garden Deli is currently in talks about bring 'farming cafes' to squares across Camden to produce sustainable, healthy meals for the public. We hope to kick start the idea with a series of Farmers Markets in Bloomsbury Square when the world allows.

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Long talked about as an ideal way to combine local history, business and tourism, Covent Garden Deli is working with Bee Midtown to develop a package whereby guests pick up a picnic sourced from local businesses and are given a map from which to take direction to explore and enjoy their 'goodies' in some of the less visited parted of the borough. Our location so close to the British museum could see this project popular with tourists, schools and residents alike.

Bloomsbury Square

Bloomsbury square

Lincolns Inn Fields

Cambridge 'Artful Dodgems'

We have the unique opportunity to work with ANA Arts and The Gogg Farm shop to create a season of weekend summer events focusing on sustainable British produce cooked over open flames. The space will be transformed with a series of refurbished vintage fairground units to offer dinners a unique space to enjoy food, company and to do this safely. Look out for 'The Artful Dodgems' online or follow our instagram for exclusive access.